Atlantic Popes are very surprised and impressed about it! 😊  

Here´s what Daniel Gierke, the head of this project, said:  
“Every year from the end of November the same acts and albums appear in the charts during the hotly contested Christmas business…  
…it was all the braver to release 6122 at exactly this time, despite these well-known musicians with their major labels behind them and their millions in advertising budgets. 6122 was intended as a gift from fans to fans, from friends of Andy’s and from musical companions and inspired artists. Christmas is the time of reflection and joy, the time to illuminate the inner light and the time to look back on an eventful year, with friends and family.  
So there’s no better time to bring 6122 to the fans than now. And it is something special that this small independent album, financed from private funds, finds itself in the midst of these famous names and defies the big budgets of the big labels. And so, after placing at number 21 in the Official MTV Midweek Charts (published by the Official German Charts), the album 6122 managed to stay in the top 30 for the entire week 48 and made it as a new entry from 0 to number 28 into the official German charts. Amazing!  
This is not only due to the 31 artists with their great songs, pictures and photographs, or the more than 100 contributors to the album, but first and foremost to the fantastic fans of Depeche Mode, who have probably become one of the most incredible and loyal fan bases in music history over the last 42 years.“  

Max and Bernhard congratulate all people involved in this project! 🍾 🥂

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